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Esha Deol enjoys shooting for Kishan’s Care of Footpath 2

Published Apr 29, 2014, 5:41 am IST
Updated Apr 1, 2019, 11:21 am IST
Esha Deol talks about her married life and movie experience
Esha Deol in a still from Care of Footpath 2, with Jayaram Karthik (Photo: DC)
 Esha Deol in a still from Care of Footpath 2, with Jayaram Karthik (Photo: DC)

Bengaluru: She’s half Punjabi and married to a hardcore meat-devouring Sindhi, but she’s still a simple vegetarian Tamil ponnu at heart. Born to superstars Hema Malini and Dharmendra, actress Esha Deol’s love for rasam rice and all things south Indian is conspicuous when you strike a conversation with her.

The Deol girl was in Bengaluru to shoot for Kishan’s bi-lingual film Care Of Footpath 2. Esha’s role was initially offered to Hema, but the Dream Girl was busy with her election campaign.


“I play a lawyer for the first time in my life. I was amazed by Kishan and his family — they were all working together. I’d wait for lunch time as his mom would get scrumptious homemade food,” shares Esha.

The actress is now enjoying marital bliss with her better half Bharat Takhtani. Globe-trotting with her hubby, dishing up delectable khana and even bonding with her mom-in-law, Esha’s post-marriage life paints a picture of contentment.

“I married my best friend. Bharat knows me since I was 13 — he’s known me as a brat. He’s kept me steady and made me a better person,” say the doting wife.


Bharat’s contagious liveliness is something she admires. “The fact that he wakes up every morning with the motivation to kickstart his day is amazing. That boy has immense zest.That’s a quality similar to my mother’s — both of them are Librans,” reveals Esha.

Always known for being a dedicated fitness junkie, her partner in fitness is her husband, she says. For someone who knew zilch about cooking, the staunch veggie now makes Patrani Machi and Goan fish curry for her hubby.

“Earlier, I didn’t even know whether I had to boil or fry a potato! But love makes you do things that you never did!” quips the actress. Bharat too is turning into an aficionado of south Indian gastronomy. “When we go to Chennai, we make parrupusadam (dal rice) and thayirsadam (curd rice) for him.”


Campaigning during the election was a hard-hitting experience, reveals Esha. “It’s sad that the people there don’t even have water and here we are sitting in our cool apartments. My mom’s very keen on doing a lot of work for Mathura. She’s a Krishna devotee and I remember going to Brindavan with her when in school.”

As for bonding with her mother and sister Ahana, Esha says, “Our classical dance is always there — we tour together. Now that my sister’s also married, when we meet, we have even more fun. I miss the fact that Ahana doesn’t come to my room and mess up my cupboard while looking for clothes anymore!”


The actresses’ Bengaluru connection is strong, thanks to her being an ardent follower of Sri Sri Ravishankar. “He’s a super cool guru. I love visiting the AOL ashram here. I even learn yoga from Guruji’s disciple,” says Esha, adding, “In life, I just go with the flow. I take what the day throws at me.”