Adoption under Thottil Thittam sees rise

13 children are cared for at Society for Rural Development and Promotion Services

Vellore: Though incidents of abandoning new born babies are still a reality, it is true that there is a huge demand from childless couples for adoption of these children.

According to District Social Welfare Officer, Gomathi, the trend of adopting a child, which is taken care of by the government under the Thottil Thittam, is increasing. There are 13 children maintained under the scheme at the government recognized Society for Rural Development and Promotion Services, including four boy babies, she said.

About the story of how these children were brought here, Gomati said, “These children were either born out of wedlock or they were found abandoned by parents who did not want girl babies. Most of these children were found in the hospital premises or at public places such as temples, bus stands, among the bushes or even in garbage bins.”

When such abandoned children are found, an FIR is filed and the baby’s original parents are traced. The baby is then is handed over to them. If the parents cannot be traced, there are certain legal procedures to be followed before they are taken under the Thottil Thittam, Gomathi explained.

At present, children lying abandoned in the neighbouring districts are also brought here.

Several verifications and procedures are to be followed if a couple wished to adopt a child from the Society, she added. Only childless couples from Tamil Nadu were eligible to adopt a child from the Society, she added.

“As it happens, none of the children currently in the Society is handicapped. A girl baby, who was found abandoned on a hot stone among the bushes at the

Government Hospital in Vellore, a few months back, was receiving treatment,” Gomathi said.

Twelve children were taken in this year. The number of children taken in each year is variable.

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