Adani funding Narendra Modi's marketing campaign: Rahul Gandhi

‘Modi has given Rs 10,000 crore to Adani by way of cheap land, your land to him’

Amreli: Stepping up his offensive against Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi alleged that there is a "partnership" between the BJP PM candidate and Adani and accused the industrialist of "funding" the Modi marketing blitz to return "favours".

Rahul also attacked the Gujarat development model by saying that Modi is claiming credit for the hard work of others in the state.

"There is partnership between Modi and Adani," he alleged on Saturday saying that all senior leaders like L K Advani, Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha and Sushma Swaraj have been sidelined for the partnership with Adani.

"Modi has given a contract Rs 26,000 crore to Adani for buying electricity from their company, which you use. He has given another Rs 10,000 crore by way of cheap land, your land to him. The company whose value was Rs 3,000 crore is now Rs 40,000 crore," Rahul alleged.

"The money they (Modi govt) gave to Adani is being in turn used for his marketing (election campaign). Big posters are coming up all over the country. From where is the money coming...You tell me?" he sought to know.

The Congress has earlier alleged that a massive Rs 10,000 crore was being spent on the Modi poll campaign.

"This is the Gujarat Model. You give all the benefits to one industrialist. We are not against industrialisation," Rahul said mocking the model.

"The voice that comes from here (Gujarat) is me me me me. People of Gujarat have done nothing, women of Gujarat have done nothing, teachers of Gujarat have done nothing... for the last 60 years you have done nothing," he ridiculed.

"He talks about milk (production and revolution). He says I have given milk to the entire country. Women of Amreli, women of Gujarat did not do this but (he says) Narendra Modi did this. He lined up lakhs of cow, milked them and gave it to the people of the country.

He tells you that you have done nothing for the last 60 years. Modi claims that he made Gujarat stand on its feet and now he will do the same thing with the country.

"You have made me 'chowkidar' (watchman) of Gujarat now make me chowkidar of India. This is his (Modi's) campaign pitch," Rahul said continuing his tirade against the Gujarat strongman.

Rahul also alleged that Modi is spreading "lies" on the issue of death of farmers in Gujarat.

"6,000 farmers have committed suicide in Gujarat. He (Modi) goes all over the country and says that no farmer has committed suicide in Gujarat. However, the reality is 6,000 farmers have committed suicide here," Rahul said. He also raised the issue of alleged snooping on a woman here again.

"Gujarat police tapes phone of one woman. He (Modi) asks Gujarat police to find out what the woman is doing. But, in Delhi their posters say that they will empower women. Women of the country do not need power, they are already powerful. Give them some honour," Rahul said.

He will address two other rallies in Gujarat ahead of the single phase of polls on April 30 in 26 constituencies of the state.

( Source : PTI )
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