Manmohan Singh may be myopic not to see Modi wave: Arun Jaitley

The PM earlier dismissed the 'Modi wave' as a creation of the media

Amritsar: A day after Manmohan Singh dismissed the Modi wave as a creation of the media, BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Friday said the Prime Minister may be a "myopic" not to see the "support" for the BJP Prime Ministerial nominee. He also said that Gandhis were "all at sea" as against the support for the Gujarat Chief Minister.

On Singh's utterance on Narendra Modi, he said the Prime Minister had reacted to the "obviously visible Modi support" by suggesting that he saw no Modi wave in the country. "Manmohan Singh may be myopic not to see a Modi wave," he said and asked, "that is it that he sees it but can't admit it?"

The Prime Minister had on Thursday dismissed the "Modi wave" as a creation of the media.

Lashing out at the Congress, he said, "This the first time that an outgoing government, through its leaders, is carrying on a campaign of negativity rather than highlighting their own achievements."

While the country is debating anti-incumbency against the Congress, the Gandhis are busy attacking the incumbent, he said. "It is a rare occasion in history that a ruling party hides its failure by blaming the opposition", he said.

"Modi's ability to set the agenda for good governance and stick to it despite provocation is clearly demonstrable. It is the enormous amount of goodwill that Modi enjoys even in eastern and southern parts of the country which is leading to a significant increase in the BJP vote," he said. "As against this, the Gandhis are all at sea," he claimed.

The senior BJP leader said the election is about a dual trend. “The first is an anti-incumbency against the Congress and the UPA. A principle component of that incumbency is leadership failure. It is thus this leadership failure which is responsible for the second electoral reaction", he said.

( Source : PTI )
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