Realising the self

When our consciousness is uplifted everything seems to be in harmony
Broadly speaking, the difference between man and woman is often measured against rationality and emotion. Men feel they have a more developed logic and thinking capacity and believe they have an edge over women. They endorse scientific derivations and data. They rely on facts and numbers. There is a funny story: Four passengers were flying in an airplane and the pilot announced that there was a snag in the engine and the plane would crash land. Unfortunately, there were only three parachutes on the plane. The first passenger got up and said, “I am a heart surgeon and I save many lives. My patients are dependent on my survival!” He took one parachute and jumped off the plane. The second passenger announced, “I’m a rocket scientist. I’m one of the most intelligent people living on earth. My country, in fact the whole world, needs me!” And he jumped off with a parachute. The other two, an old man and a young man, looked at each other. The old man said, “Look young man, my life is almost over, why don’t you just take the last one and go!” The young man said, “Why one? There are two parachutes left. Well, the rocket-scientist took my back-pack and jumped off!”
So it’s not about intelligence. Women being far more emotional feel their intensity of emotions surpasses rationality. Intense emotions can be negative and contracting. Once a man asked a woman, “Why do women take everything so personally?” The woman shot back, “I don’t!”
It’s about being impersonal — an exercise in being an impartial observer is certainly not an easy task over personal likes and dislikes or rather biases and prejudices. Impersonal doesn’t mean having no identity. It means distancing away from such things that stir our emotions and distort the truth.
It’s about discrimination. And is discrimination a faculty of the cold cellar of our minds or the warm hearth of our hearts? Or both?
However, when our consciousness is uplifted everything seems to be in harmony. When our identity is with the spirit then we are neither a man nor a woman. Some say its pure love, liquid peace, smouldering joy…
Lipa Rath is a certified spiritual counselor, a therapist and a researcher
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