Democracy not safe in the hands of one person: Sonia Gandhi

BJP is resorting to ‘falsehood’ to come to power, she said

Raipur: Stepping up her offensive against Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi on Friday said democracy cannot be safe in the hands of one person and accused BJP of crossing all limits by spreading "falsehoods" to come to power.

"BJP is leaving no stone unturned in crossing every boundary and limit to capture the Prime Minister's chair. This is dangerous for democracy," she said while addressing a rally in Surguja Lok Sabha constituency of Chhattisgarh.

Politics is meant for development but some people yearn only for power and their hunger for the same can make them to go to any extent. This was happening in the country now, Gandhi said.

"I know only that the democracy of any country is not safe in the hands of only one person and therefore this time you have to take the decision carefully," she said, without naming BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, around whom the saffron party's campaign is centred.

Asking the electorate not to be swayed by "falsehoods" parroted by BJP, she said they need to think which way the country should take.

"Election comes and goes. Somebody wins and somebody loses. But doing anything for winning, branding falsehoods as true.... Will this sustain our democracy? You have to think about it," Gandhi said.

The Congress president alleged that despite the BJP government in Chhattisgarh receiving huge central aid for various schemes, nothing has changed on the ground for the tribals.

"Chhattisgarh government has failed to secure the rights of the tribals. It has openly looted iron and coal of the state to give them away to few persons. Even rivers were given to mafias. I feel really sad for this," she said.

Congress's Ram Dev Ram is pitted against BJP's Kamalbhan Singh Marawi in this constituency which is reserved for the scheduled tribes.

( Source : PTI )
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