Disappointing not to play in Jaipur during IPL 7: Watson

The all rounder, who will lead the side this year, shared his thoughts on many issues
Q ) For the first time in its history, the IPL will be held in UAE. What will be the key to success at these non familiar venues?
The key to success is definitely how quickly a team is able to adapt to the different conditions which we are going to face and also the versatility in your squad to be able to adapt to that. At Rajasthan Royals, all those involved in the auction process were very aware that we would have to build a squad that can adapt to different conditions.
Q ) This year Jaipur won’t host any IPL games. How big a jolt is this considering the fact that it has been your fortress?
It is extremely disappointing that we are not playing games there. Jaipur to me feels like my second home. For me personally, I have got incredible memories playing in Jaipur. The crowd out there is so supportive for the Royals. But in the end, we have to adapt to different conditions we will get in Ahmedabad. Hopefully, we can turn it as our fortress.
Q ) You will be leading the side. Does this motivate you further?
It will certainly motivate me more, but it will also take the focus off my individual performance which is only a great thing. As a leader and as a captain, especially, my goal is to get the best out of everyone around me.
Q ) Rahul Dravid will be seen in a mentoring role. Will the void be too much to fill?
Rahul is one of the best batsmen to have played all formats of the game in the last 15 years. It’s always going to be extremely difficult to fill his shoes, but during the auction, we were wary that we had to pick players to ensure that we don’t let the loss of Rahul affect us too much. We are going to try and do everything that we can to overcome that. The great thing is that we still have him around us to contribute off the field.
Q ) Last year, RR players Ankeet Chavan and Sreesanth were banned. Has the team managed to regroup completely?
The new guys in the team and the players who have been with us from the last time around know what is expected out of us. Everyone understands what is right and what is wrong and if you do the wrong thing, it will be found out. The team members are aware of the boundaries and we certainly have to make sure that we never cross them.
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