Chief Minister unfazed by pollsters’ math, reiterates claim

Didn't come across any unforeseen to dent my confidence

Thiruvananthapuram: A section of pollsters had predicted less than 10 seats for the UDF and the Opposition foresees a washout for the ruling front but Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, who predicted the polls would be a referendum on his ministry’s performance, is shaken not a wee bit.

“My stand has been clear from Day One, that among several other factors, it is a referendum on our performance. I have not come across any unforeseen development that should dent my confidence in the people”, said Mr Chandy.

Mr Chandy told DC on Sunday that he had properly gauged the pulse of the voters, which was the basis for his optimism. “There is no going back on my position that the 16th Lok Sabha elections will be a positive vote for nearly three years of the UDF Government”, he said.

Another part of his referendum statement is that while success belongs equitably to all, any setback will be mainly his responsibility. He seemed undeterred by damning disclosures about behind-the-scene activities by UDF leaders.

Across the 20 Lok Sabha constituencies, Mr Chandy said he had not seen anything that undercut UDF chances and there was no sign of anti-incumbency sentiment.

Party insiders share Mr Chandy’s optimism but some are worried that a less-than-10-seat count would be a negation of the skipper’s assertion about his Government’s popularity.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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