State of affairs: Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Published Apr 13, 2014, 6:19 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
Sridevi is not my mother and I dont live in the same house as her

At least I am being linked with a girl - Arjun Kapoor

Talking about his character, Krish, in 2 States, and how similar it is to his own self, Arjun says, “He has a lot of emotions and has a balanced thought process. He understands emotions and gives importance to every little issue. All these qualities match with mine too."


And after the machismo and bromance in Gunday, the actor is relieved that he is being linked with Alia these days. “It is good that I am linked with a girl at least. People had started linking me with Ranveer Singh, which felt really pathetic."

“I did not know Alia before this and it took me some time to know her. One thing I like about her is that she is pretty mature for her age. We are good friends and are not in a relationship,” clarifies Arjun. He also agrees that it was a lot tougher playing the quiet and emotional Krish than the robust Bala in Gunday. “Krish was the toughest role. He has to be soft spoken, while Bala had to showcase ample arrogance.”

2 States is about the relationship between a Punjabi boy and a South Indian girl and the problems they face getting married. When asked whether he thought it was important to have the blessing of one’s parents to get married, Arjun says, “That is what has been depicted in 2 States. It is this Indian culture that is being taken forward in this modern society. Parents’ blessings are important. We may be modern, but our culture keeps us grounded.”

When pointed out that his family, in fact, is an ideal example of 2 States, as Boney Kapoor, a Punjabi, is married to Sridevi, a South Indian, Arjun quickly clarifies, “My mother is a Punjabi and my father is a Punjabi too. Woh (Sridevi) meri maa nahi hai, naa hi mein unke saath ek ghar mein rehta hun. (She is not my mother, and neither do I live in the same house as her.)”


I am not saying that I don’t like Arjun - Alia Bhatt

While 2 States was a huge departure for Arjun from Gunday, for Alia, playing a Tamilian after Student Of The Year and Highway was no cakewalk either.
“I read the book while shooting for Student of the Year. Ananya is a modern girl, but her traditions and culture are very much in place. Her family — parents — is very conservative and while she herself is very sensitive, she does not hesitate in voicing her opinion. She is very fiery, spunky and witty and like every woman, she thinks she is always right,” says Alia.

While the actor could not learn Tamil in the short span of time, she did manage to mug up lines. “She does not speak in Tamil much, only when she is with her parents I had to prepare for the character and work on Bharatnatyam as there is a scene in the film. The culture of Tamilians is very strong and their body language is full of pride. I had to cultivate that,” adds Alia.

Asked whether being a Brahmin in real life helped her bag the role, she says, “I am Gujarati, Muslim, German and Brahmin as well. I do not think I have been cast for my real traits. When you are playing an actor you necessarily need not be that character in real.”

Recently, in an interview, she had said that she wanted to marry Ranbir Kapoor. Was she being serious? “I spoke about wanting to marry Ranbir as a fan. I also love Tom Cruise.” About her link-ups with Arjun, she adds, “That has been going on for some time. I am not saying that I don’t like him. We hang out a lot and are very good friends.”

There was a lot of talk recently about Alia saying that there was no problem in kissing on screen but she clarifies about 2 States, “It is a family film, please come and watch.”