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Keerthy Suresh on a ‘blind’ date

Published Apr 12, 2014, 6:18 am IST
Updated Apr 7, 2019, 11:46 pm IST
It was no cakewalk for Keerthy Suresh to play a blind girl

Kochi: Keerthy Suresh is back to the silver screen with her second lead role in Mollywood with Rafi’s Ringmaster. Playing the role of Karthika, a blind girl in the movie, was much more challenging than her double role in Geethanjali says Keerthy.

“I had to create the right vibe and feel of a blind girl which was difficult. I signed the project hardly a week before the shooting began and so I couldn’t do much research for it either. I took reference from films like Guru, Yodha and Rajamanikyam to understand the role. I just picked and analysed a few scenes from each movie so that I don’t end up copying from any one of them. Even after that it was so difficult initially to get into character.”


“But one week into it and I became better and by the end of the movie, you could say I was an expert blind person!” quips Keerthy.

Explaining her experiences during the shooting of the movie, she says, “The first time I acted with Dileep chettan, I was just a child and played the role of his daughter and this time I am paired with him. So both experiences were vastly different. Another interesting part of the movie was working with the dogs. I am not really afraid of dogs as long as they don’t try to hurt me and since all the dogs on the sets were trained ones, I wasn’t worried. Toby, a St Bernard and my eye dog in the film, was a special favourite. After a week or so, Toby started following all my instructions. He barked at everyone else on the sets, but when I call him, he would come and lie down on my lap. So it was a lot of fun.”


Referring to her future plans Keerthy says, “Right now I’m very busy with my exams as this is the last month of my course. By the end of this month I will  complete my designing course and I can concentrate on new projects. So, even though I have a handful of projects with me and I find some of them interesting, I have put off signing new projects till May.”

Keerthy makes one clarification as a parting shot. “I am not working in Kappa Pappadam. I never really signed the project, even though some media claimed that I had committed to it. I had just heard the script. I have decided not to do the project.”