Sunny Leone in Jai’s dream sequence in Vadacurry

Jai dances with Sunny Leone in his dreams

Chennai: Ever since glam doll Sunny Leone was roped in for an item song in Jai’s Vadacurry, expectations have run high for the film.

The trailer and the first look poster of the Sunny Leone song were released recently. Vadacurry is directed by Saravana Rajan, and the film stars Jai in the lead, with Swathi playing his love interest. The director of the film says that the story revolves around a Korean mobile and an iPhone.

The Sunny Leone song, says Saravana Rajan, comes as a dream sequence in the film. Jai becomes happy when his friends present him a Korean mobile, assuming it to be a high-end phone. And then starts the song. He dances with Sunny Leone in his dreams.

The highlight is that Sunny wears a traditional (pavaada thavani) dress in the song.

“The film is about how a local Chennai guy aims to buy a high-end mobile phone because of which he gets into trouble. It’s an interesting plot narrated in a comical way,” says Saravana Rajan.

RJ Balaji also plays an important role in the film. The music is composed by two newcomers, Mervin Solomon and Vivek Siva. Yuvan Shankar Raja was initially approached to compose the music for the film, but due to date issues, he preferred to opt out of the project.

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