'Stop your black magic,' Narendra Modi to Sonia's 'You are no magician' jibe

Sonia has said the 'true face' of Modi is being hidden behind that of a 'magician'

Siliguri: Hitting back at Congress president Sonia Gandhi for her 'you are no magician' jibe, Narendra Modi on Thursday dubbed the UPA government as one of "black magicians" and said the country was not afraid of magicians but only of black magicians.

"Madam Soniaji is desh ko magician ka dar nahi hai, hamara desh toh dar hain black magic se. Hum pichle dus saal se UPA sarkar ke black magic ko dekh rahe hain (Madam Soniaji, our country has no fear of magicians, our country is afraid of black magic. For the last ten years we are seeing the black magic of the UPA government)," Modi told an election rally here.

Without naming Modi, Gandhi had said at a rally in Karnataka's Kolar that he was being projected with his 'true face' hidden behind a mask and as a 'magician' who could cure all ills of the country'.

"This is such black magic that has ruined the country, this black magic has destroyed avenues of income for the youth of the country," Modi said, adding "Yeh black magic walo nein kisano ka jina mushkil kar diya (these black magicians have made it difficult for the farmers to survive)."

"The country has to be saved from the hands of these black magicians, who have blindfolded the people and ruined the country," Modi said.

Gandhi had also made a stinging attack on the Gujarat model of development being touted by him, saying some people had the habit of projecting small things in a big way as if no good work was happening in other states.

Modi called on the people to vote for the BJP to ensure development, saying "If you want to get away from the miseries inflicted in 60 years of Congress rule, you have to first throw them out.

"Political leaders and parties have never thought of proper development of the country and welfare of the people.

"The only agenda has been that to keep 25 to 30 per cent voters happy by sweet talking them and by keeping them in a trance," Modi claimed.

( Source : PTI )
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