We teach you how to download and store Windows XP updates

Published Apr 8, 2014, 5:24 pm IST
Updated Apr 8, 2019, 2:20 am IST

This method uses a free tool for downloading and storing all the available Windows XP updates. After downloading the updates, you can safely install the updates on all your other computers that are running Windows XP even after the Microsoft has stopped providing the updates. The downloaded updates can also help if your Windows XP has crashed, and you want to reinstall it all over again with complete updates. The given method is also applicable for Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office and a few other Microsoft products, provided you download the proper update file.

Note: There could be a possibility that the given software might not work in your area/country/office due to various reasons such as blocking or firewalls. Make sure you have entered the proxy server (if any) details properly. Furthermore, note that there could be a high possibility that some updates would not be present in the download. We do not take any responsibility for the software named in this article. Try this software this at your own risk.

Most many users are still using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and should know that Microsoft will be pulling the plugs on all services related to it. This means updates, and support will not be available from tomorrow. This little utility will help you download all Windows XP updates and patches available from Microsoft and store it in a folder of your choice. Once downloaded, you can always install the updates on your Windows XP if it ever crashes or on other Windows XP machines that are in your Office or homes. Though we recommend updating your PCs to Windows 7 or Windows 8, we know that the expenses for doing so are not small. There are many offices that have a large amount of PCs that need upgrading, and the costs for hardware and software upgrades are huge. There are others who cannot afford upgrading even their single PC at home, let alone owning a Windows 8 operating system. This workshop will help those users keep their PC in shape while still using Windows XP. Windows XP will continue to work, but all support from Microsoft will be denied from tomorrow.

Users, both Windows XP and Windows 7, will agree that a virus, corrupted software or crashed hardware can ruin the operating system within minutes and restoring the entire OS again means, taking complete backups, formatting the hard drive, reinstalling the operating system, installing an antivirus, reinstalling all software and then restoring all the data back. And lastly, updating Windows all over again from the Internet is not only time consuming, but also sucks up your precious bandwidth and costs. Read on to find out how you can do it.

First, you need to download a utility called Windows Updates Downloader.  After installing it, you would need to setup the proxy server (if you have) and specify the folder where the updates need to be downloaded and saved. Once done, you need to download another file, which is the update information for Windows XP updates and patches. The file name is ‘windows-xp-sp3-x86-enu.ulz’ and can be downloaded from here. You can also download the update information file for other OS and software from the same link.

Once downloaded, simply double-click on the file and the information will be sent to the utility automatically. You are now set to download all your Windows XP (or for other Microsoft products). Start the utility and you will find a list of updates that you need to download. Select them by checking each box; preferably selecting all is the best option. Once done, hit the download button and all the updates and patches will be downloaded to the destination folder you specified. Make sure you have a good Internet bandwidth so that the download speed is faster. Dedicate a few hours of your Internet bandwidth for today since these updates will not be available in the future. You may be lucky if someone downloads these files and puts them up on a P2P website or as a torrent. However, there are high chances that these updates on torrents and P2P websites can be infected by malware in the future.

Below are the screenshots for your reference.

Download, install and setup the utility. Define the proxy and destination folder for the downloads

The utility will require an update file information which needs to be downloaded. Go to the utility home page and select the download link. Then download the required ULZ file from there

Select the required updater file, download it to your desktop and double-click on it. The information will automatically be passed on to the utility.

Restart the utility and you will find the updates listed up. Select the updates you need (preferably all of them) and then hit the download button.

The updates will start downloading immediately. Make sure you give the PC maximum Internet bandwidth today.

The updates and patches will be downloaded to the destination folder you specified. You can later double click on each file you need to install as an update or patch for Windows XP.

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