Sonakshi loves to be a free bird

Published Apr 7, 2014, 6:06 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
Sonakshi Sinha speaks about lending her voice for Rio 2
Sonakshi Sinha
 Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha has recently lent her voice for Rio 2. She will be the voice for the bird Jewel in the movie. We spoke to her about, the movie and a lot of other things. Read on

Rio 2, a new experience
“Initially, I did feel a little weird but gradually, I enjoyed the process of recording for the film. At one point of time I felt I was a real birdie. At times I had to squeak like a bird! I also sang a rhyme simply because Imran Khan who dubs for Blu had already agreed to sing. I had no choice. I had to sing!”

Loves to be a free bird
Like Jewel, the birdie, Sonakshi also enjoys her freedom, “I love to be carefree like birds and also wish I had wings to fly. I always enjoy myself thoroughly while on a holiday. Though, with my busy schedule I do not get much time. Whenever, I get some time I wish to fly away to European countries. As there I can roam about freely and be stress free. Holidaying makes me feel as carefree as a bird. Recently I went to Goa on a three day holiday.

Not a spendthrift
I am not a shopaholic. I do not like spending thoughtlessly. I always like to spend my money wisely. It’s not that I need to save. But I am careful with my money. I work very hard for my money. We have been taught to value our money right from childhood. I would get Rs100 a day as pocket money while in school. I would always spend wisely and save some money from my weekly Rs700 bounty.

First salary
My first salary was Rs 3,000 earned at the Lakme Fashion Week. I gave that money to mum.

Qualities imbibed from mum and dad
I have imbibed my mum’s grace, charm and her warm personality. She has taught me to be nice to everyone. And be humble and grounded.
The qualities that I have imbibed from dad is his talent, his confidence and the attitude of doing that which makes us happy. My dad often wonders whether to take it as a compliment or otherwise when everyone tells him, “Aap Ki Beti apni maa ki tareh sundar hai.” He promptly replies, “But she is as talented as I am!”

‘mum’s third son’
My mum always says that I am her third son. “You are not like a girl!” she’d say because I was very tomboyish.My teachers would send me back home because before entering the classroom I would play football or volleyball and get my clothes dirty. I would be so filthy by the time I reached home that mum would say I wasn’t being ‘girl like’.”