Signature of an artist

Published Apr 6, 2014, 12:24 am IST
Updated Apr 8, 2019, 4:04 am IST
Take a look at our desi designers' signature styles
Collections by Anita Dongre, Wendell Rodricks and Tarun Tahiliani respectively
 Collections by Anita Dongre, Wendell Rodricks and Tarun Tahiliani respectively
Remember me, or better, remember my creations! And they do remain unforgettable, staying loyal to Coco Chanel’s words, “Fashion changes, style endures.” so does her trousers that brought the ‘emancipated’ word in the women’s fashion dictionary.
Yves Saint Laurent who was instrumental in androgynous meets feminine moment, is gone, while the world still hails his tuxedo suits. And then there was the sheer genius of Gianni Versace, Hollywood’s favourite couturier. 
Our home grown designers too, have their “it” moments. That signature style that defines their artistry with clothes. In short that unforgettable tag to their creative endeavour. Here’s what the style gurus have to say.
Wendell Rodricks
Clearly nostalgia isn’t Wendell Rodricks’ forte. He celebrates the wonders of today in his own style and words, “As a person I don’t dwell on the past. I enjoy the present. Hence my recent collection, “Source of Youth”, is memorable for me in many ways. The set was an African forest of gold trees and models walked through them beautifully. I departed  from my fluid clothes and sent out a more semi structured line in white, black, gold, red and African sky blue. The accessories were made from beads and copper wire by Nadia Dajani in Jordan and the gold footwear from Edwin Pinto and Stoffa highlighted the new youthful Africa emotion. The shadow acrobatic artists from Tanzania and. The live percussionist sounds from the Iranian player added to the beauty and elegance of the collection,” he said. 
And to underline the unmistakable charm of a Wendell Rodricks? He responds, “Minimal. eco-friendly. Resort. Natural fabrics; many are hand-woven. Clothes cut using Indian geometry and a strong Goan and Indian influence despite an international wearability.”
Manish Malhotra
Memorable is the word and my love for cinema seals the deals,” without battling an eyelid Manish Malhotra  crowns his 100 years of Indian Cinema as the signature collection. “It was a milestone for me and cannot be replicated. I label it special simply because it underlines my love for all things filmi. The bond has been going strong for the past 23 years. I have loved cinema all my life and cinema has loved me back too. Also, having the film fraternity adorning the creations, was an expression of  love we share for cinema. Quite overwhelming indeed,” he recalls. 
Sharing his design mantra, the designer says, “I play around the with the concept of simplicity as  it is the primary influence in my designs underlined with the idea to focus on craftsmanship. The challenge for me here is to make simplicity look different with various elements.”
Anita Dongre
She’s the queen of pret and rules the couture world with equal elan. “It’s hard to single out one collection,” Anita admits. 
A pause and pondering later, she confidently opines, “The one collection that stays close to my heart and resonates with my style philosophy is the Jaipur Bride collection. It so vividly captures my design aesthetic, my love for Rajasthan, the interpretation of a modern day woman — it’s a holistic coming together of fashion with culture and the contemporary with the traditional,” 
Shifting her focus to her fashion theory, Anita says, “Understated elegance is my signature style. Simple, elegant silhouettes which let the wearer’s personality shine, makes them feel good about themselves — is what constitutes my vision for design.”
Tarun Tahiliani
He is the Czar of Indian fashion and  the desi bride's dream designer. “Be a beautiful bride,” announces TT. Adding, “Looking back, my collection for last year’s India Bridal Week 2013, epitomised my design sensibilities. You don’t have to ape the West, and, the concept of the bride as the decorative doll has reached its expiry date. The drapes can be utilised for dramatic effects. Yards of muslin, jamdaani, heavy cotton, tone on tone can be a beautiful testimony to those wonderful time. Embellished with intricate aari work.”