MIM not seeking allies

Published Apr 2, 2014, 9:09 am IST
Updated Apr 8, 2019, 6:09 am IST
MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi tells about his party’s plans

Is your party going for poll alliances this time?

We will fight alone. We don’t need any one’s support to fight elections. Several parties have been approaching the MIM for poll alliance, but till date the MIM is of the opinion that they will face the election on their own.

Do you think that targeting Narendra Modi will be helpful to consolidate the Muslim vote?
We are not targeting Modi only for Muslim votes. India is a secular country and MIM has always believed in secularism. Narendra Modi is an activist of RSS that has always attempted to destroy the secular fabric of the country. If RSS backed forces come to power, the future of weaker sections in India would be in danger.

Does your party have an election manifesto?
MIM never believed in manifestos. People’s problems and their aspirations are our manifesto. Manifestos are only created to cheat people with false promises.

You have made a pitch for a common platform for Dalits, Backward Classes and Muslims to defeat anti-people elements. Has there any progress on this front?
It is not an easy task. But I strongly believe that it is the need of the hour. We are in the process of consulting the leaders of various Dalit and Backward Class organisations to join hands to cooperate. I will try for it as long as I live. Younger generations are coming forward to have a common platform.

Would your party offer tickets for seats to Dalits or BCs?
Weaker sections will definitely have to be accommodated. Just wait for a couple of days to find out the names of candidates representing weaker sections. We have already given tickets to weaker sections in municipal polls.

Do you have confidence in your party being able to retain all seven Assembly seats and the Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat this time?
We always respect our opponents. We are confident enough of not only retaining all the seats, but also doubling the number in Telangana Assembly and proving our presence in Seemandhra in this election.

Do you consider MBT your nearest rival in Hyderabad?
Did they ever defeat the MIM except for in one election, that too way back in 1994? You wait till May 7, everything will be crystal clear.

Location: Andhra Pradesh