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Elections 2014: Congress manifesto changes to suit region

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Published on: April 1, 2014 | Updated on: Invalid date

Telangana PCC says it created Telangana while APCC says it backed Telengana last

Ponnala, Raghuveera, Pradesh Congress Committee chiefs of 2 states along with Digvijay Singh  - DC

Ponnala, Raghuveera, Pradesh Congress Committee chiefs of 2 states along with Digvijay Singh - DC

Hyderabad: There is a major discrepancy in the manifestos of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee and the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee. One claims credit for creation of the Telangana state, while the other says the party had nothing to do with it.

Both PCC manifesto committees held meetings on Monday separately, to give final touches to their documents that will be released in three or four days.

According to sources, the Telangana PCC manifesto said because of the Congress and particularly AICC president Sonia Gandhi’s determination, the dream of the Telangana people had become a reality. The Telangana Congress accused the TDP, YSRC and BJP of creating hurdles at each and every stage in the creation of Telangana state.

The APCC in its manifesto has expressed a different opinion. Everyone is accusing the Congress of dividing the state when in fact the Congress was the last party to agree to the division after all other parties, including the TDP and YSRC, had supported it, the manifesto says. It says that after the Congress took the decision in favour of Telangana, the TD and YSRC made a U-turn and accused the Congress of being totally responsible for the state’s division.

Safe City-Smart City
The Telangana PCC promises to give the people of Hyderabad a ‘Safe City and Smart City’. The manifesto said that Safe City means protection for every citizen in the capital. And Smart City means to provide facilities like drinking water, drainage and other things to all the people of the capital. The Telangana PCC manifesto assured industrialists all kinds of concessions if they establish industries in places other than Hyderabad like Ranga Reddy and Medak districts.

APCC Vision Document

The APCC in its manifesto has drawn up an action plan for short term, mid term and long term development of Andhra Pradesh state. The APCC calls its manifesto a "Vision Document" to build the future AP state.

The manifesto focuses on decentralised development by improving the coastal corridor network and development of private ports in the coastal region, setting up industries based on mineral resources in Rayalaseema region, creating an industrial corridor and a tourism corridor and exploring the KG basin by encouraging petro-chemical hub. The manifesto also promises to develop a coastal corridor network Ichhapuram to Tada across the coast.

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