Telangana words that make you sit up, listen

Published Mar 27, 2014, 7:45 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
Telangana Mandali should be called Maha Telangana Mandali, given its wide usage
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Hyderabad: The Telangana dialect mixed with Hyderabadi words has projected the language as a more humorous and funny one, in spite of its rich history that was used by great scholars and poets like Tikkanna and Vereshalingam in their literature, opined language researchers and literatures.

Babbulo lechina, I got up early, Aagad to hurry, likewise Soya, Peyi, Saisu, and many others words used by people in Telangana region are part of Telangana Mandalika Padalu, said writer, lyricist, author and Jnanpith award winner Dr C. Narayana Reddy at a conference on use of Telangana Mandalika Padalu here on Wednesday.


“These words were found and are still found in ancient literature, which is evidence of the rich history of Telangana language and can also be used as officially,” said Mr Reddy.

Litterateurs expressed concern that because of certain writers, the language, whose reference is also there in the Vedas, is often dismissed as slang. Telangana words such pareshan chestundu, julum etc. evolved when people started mixing Urdu words during the Nizams’ rule, said the writers.

Prof. E. Siva Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, explained, “People in Telangana use cheshindu to mean ‘did’, people in Andhra use chesadu, and those in Rayalaseema use chesinadu. All are correct and the verbs have evolved over the years, but Telangana’s one is the oldest.”

Prof. Reddy further explained, “Some words used in Telangana have their origin in the Vedas. For instance, the word bhadram is used for “well being” in Telangana. While the former has its roots in the Vedas, the latter was invented recently.”

Even revered Telugu writers like Tikkana Somayaji, Prof. Reddy said, had borrowed words regularly used in Telangana diction for their works despite hailing from the Andhra region.
Tirumala Rao, a researcher, said that given the wide use of Telangana words in certain regions of other states, and its rich history, it should be called Maha Telangana Mandali.
Presently based on the dialect and diction of similar words, there are Telangana Mandali, Uttara Andhra Mandali and so on.

“Even in Maharashtra, certain regions were found to be using certain words of Telangana,” said Mr Rao.

Telangana language is so diverse that it varies within the various castes and regions. “Words used in Karimnagar district are different from those used in Nalgonda district. There are over 89 sub-castes that have their own language, especially in the Telengana region,” added Mr Rao.

Educationist Chukka Ramaiah said that after formation of the Telangana government, intellectuals should come up with a policy on language regarding whether to use T language within academic limits or to propagate it in society.

“In my teaching days when I used to teach in English, students used to have blank faces. But when I started teaching them in the local language they were surprised that the subject was so easy,” he said, adding that was the strength of a local language to which an individual  connects.

Location: Andhra Pradesh