Syria refugees dismayed at prospect of Assad re-election

100,000 refugees in Zaatari camp see no end in sight to their misery

Jordan: Syrian refugees in a sprawling desert camp in Jordan fear that the re-election of President, Bashar al-Assad's will leave their dream of a return home as distant as ever. As Syria's war entered its fourth year, around 100,000 refugees in Zaatari camp see no end in sight to their misery.

"After killing tens of thousands of his own people and forcing millions more to flee their homes, the idea of Assad's re-election is insane," said Abu Mohammad. "I'm not sure when I will return. The entire world has let us down," said Abu Mohammad, who fled Daraa in southern Syria .

The embattled Assad has not announced his candidacy for a presidential vote to be held by July, but is widely expected to seek and win another seven-year term. "His re-election would be like a bomb exploding in everyone's face. It doesn't make sense," added Abu Mohammad. The refugees complain about the dust and electricity shortages at Zaatari, where the temperature in the summer rises to around 40ºC (104 Fahrenheit) and plunges below freezing in the winter.

The worst winter storm in a decade turned Zaatari into a muddy swamp, blowing away at least 500 tents. The government replaced most of these tents with caravans.

( Source : AFP )
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