What women want in 2014 revealed

The fairer sex wants family friendly working hours

Melbourne: Topping the list of what women want, the fairer sex wants most of all family friendly working hours, a new study suggests.

A 10-year study by the Heat Group, commissioned for International Women’s Day, tracked key changes in attitudes and lifestyle choices over a decade and found females want the freedom to focus on what matters to them.

For almost half of respondents, that involves working fewer hours, while 40 percent of women want more flexible working arrangements, reported.

While 10 years ago women sought career success and fulfilment above all else, women now rank lifestyle (62 %) and travel (43 %) as their top priorities, according to the poll of 1000 women aged from 16 to 70.

Half of the sample group were mothers, 86 percent were in the workforce and the average income of respondents was 60,000 dollars. The survey found that a third of women were desperate for tax-deductible childcare, up from 18 percent in 2003.

A quarter of women also said they were willing to take a pay cut of up to 10 percent in return for more flexible working hours.

( Source : ANI )
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