Discover the genius of Ginseng!

Ginseng tea helps one slim down, boosts energy, aids in detoxing and also acts as a catalyst in the healing process

Ours being a tea crazy nation, it hasn’t taken long for the trend of herbal teas to catch on.
A steaming cup of herbal tea comes with a lot of benefits. It helps one slim down, boosts energy, aids in detoxing and also acts as a catalyst in the healing process. The herbs and roots in the tea have many nutritional and medicinal values. Ginseng is one such age-old root, which is fast gaining popularity in different forms, namely tea, supplements, health drinks, etc.

The miracle of Ginseng:
There are chiefly three types of Ginseng teas — American, Asian and Siberian.

If you are feeling fatigued, have heart problems or are even suffering from an upset stomach, then ginseng is the answer. Ginseng has been scientifically proven to have an abundance of natural chemicals known as ginsenosides, which are potent adaptogens (in herbal medicine, an adaptogen is a natural substance which enables the body to adapt to stress).

Ginseng tea is said to possess many such energy-giving traits. It has been traditionally considered to be a cure-all antibiotic for many types of ailments. Its health benefits include improvement of the digestive system, aiding in respiration, lessening of physical and mental stress, enhancing sexual virility, reducing symptoms of arthritis and asthma, decreasing the effects of diabetes, Crohn’s disease and diarrhoea, plus minimising stomach pains associated with menstruation.

Studies have also shown that ginseng is quite effective in lowering high cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels and is also helpful for asthma, skin diseases and hair loss.
Ginseng tea is highly recommended as part of your daily routine. The best time to drink it is at mid mornings to provide a fresh start to your busy day ahead.

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