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Scorching schoolers, teenage models in glamorous world of fashion

Published Mar 6, 2014, 7:14 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 11:36 am IST
Young girls in the age group of 14-15 are pursuing their passion for modelling
Rakshita and Giorgia
 Rakshita and Giorgia

So the board exams are around the corner, and obviously students are busy studying! But Rakshitha Harimurthy from St Mary’s High School, Giorgia Valenti and Nikhila Nandgopal from Bangalore International School are doing more than just studying, they are scorching the ramps.

Bengaluru seems to be going the Paris way, when it comes to launching teenage models into the glamorous world of fashion.


Nikhila Nandgopal, a 12th standard student is being grooming for a coveted beauty pageant. “I am one of the 25 finalists and am really kicked,” says the model who has been walking the ramp for almost three years now.

“Bengaluru is the launch pad. It is a testing ground that preps you for the bigger runways. I was so intimidated by all the models, the first time I walked and I was quite starstruck. But the fraternity here is so relaxed and welcoming that it helps you grow as a model,” says this lass who is gunning for a business school abroad.


Incidentally, Bollywood stars Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma started modeling in namma Bengaluru in their teens.

While Nikhila was noticed during a summer pageant in one of the city clubs, Rakshitha began her career by walking for a designer and then going on to win the Mega Model Hunt last year.

“Studies aren’t really a problem at the moment considering I never leave anything for the last moment,” she says in an easy-breezy tone.

This 17-year-old who is looking forward to start her own fashion label someday reveals that her friends are her biggest supporters and she has a bit of celebrity status going on in her school.


“I am loving the attention. My friends try and make it for most of my shows and they are immensely proud of me,” she says with pride.

Diya Prabhakar is another 14-year-old who though based in Singapore, comes here during her summer break to model. This dusky, leggy and curly haired lass, has grabbed quite a few eyeballs with her style and elegance on the stage.

Fortunately for these teens, their parents too are supportive. Says 15-year-old Giorgia, “My mom used to model and she asked me to give it a shot after she saw me walking in heels at a store,” says this Italian girl who is settled here.