Chiru feels all his hard work will soon be appreciated

Published Mar 5, 2014, 3:30 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 11:17 am IST
Chiranjeevi Sarja hopes to give his fans something to cheer about with his new films

He made his debut in Vayuputra opposite glam doll Aindrita Ray, and has been in the industry for six years. He is now on a role with several projects in his pocket and is in a quest for that ‘big hit.’

Coming from the prestigious Sarja family, Chiranjeevi Sarja is busy these days with Chandralekha, which is up for release.


He is also busy filming for Ayya 2, which is directed by Om Prakash Rao, and Rudrathandava to be directed by Guru Deshpande where he is acting opposite Radhika Kumaraswamy. His other film Ajith opposite Nikki Galrani is also ready for release.

“So far, it has been great portraying different kinds of roles with great surprise and fun elements. Since my first film, I have been working hard on changing my body language and onscreen looks. I hope somewhere down the line, it will be fruitful and the audience will accept and appreciate my work,” says Chiru.


While shooting for Chandralekha, Chiru had an accident during a fight sequence in which he tore his ligament, so he was out of action for a while before he bounced back. “I was too tired when I was shooting the fight sequence choreographed by Master Raviverma Sir. It seems that there was a miscommunication between my mind and body, and I landed on my toe, and my ligament tore. To my surprise, I was later told that the hero in the Telugu original of Chandralekha had met with the same accident during similar sequence and in the same manner! I was shocked and asked my team on whether there were any other scary incidents during the remake,” Chiru says.


He plays a light-hearted character in Chandralekha but in Ajith, his role is of an extrovert and talkative person. “In the sequel to Ayya, there will be a surprise element for the audience. It has similar shades to Salman Khan’s Dabbang.

In Rudrathandava, I am a serious and intense character, though the first half is more jovial. The second half raises the tempo of the movie,” he added.

On failing to meet the high expectations since his debut, Chiru feels that sometimes it does disappoint him especially after working so hard and investing time on every project. “I strongly feel that all my hard work will soon be appreciated,” he says.


On his family support, Chiru says that films are the only topic he discusses with his brother Dhruva and his uncle Arjun Sarja. “We share ideas and scripts, and it happens almost all the time in our family.”

Arjun Sarja, has for the first time, done a voice over for Chandralekha and Chiru feels that he is privileged that his uncle agreed to do so.

Though the three Sarja’s are planning to do a film together, Chiru reveals that there are in search of the right script and hopes that it will happen soon.