Style runs in their genes

Padmini and Kavya Chandra have just launched their new store.

Bangalore: There are many successful mother-daughter duo in the business fraternity, but what makes Padmini and Kavya Chandra stand apart is their sense of client management.

A conversation with the duo would make you wonder whether you are just another client or a family member. That’s their USP and that’s why they have managed to run the show for more than 15 years. With a new store Soulful Hues; opening in Indiranagar they are going places with their impeccable sense of fashion.

“When I started the brand Vikramaditya and Padmini, 15 years back I just wanted to try my luck at something new,” begins Padmini. With a background in textile designing, she kicked off a silk route with her intricately designed embroidery. Thus was born a brand, which specialised in contemporary design and fabrics, which also got her daughter Kavya, involved.

“Growing up in the factory, becoming a designer has always been there though, I was doing a bit of this and that before getting into fashion,” begins Kavya. She credits every bit of her fashion statements to her mother.

“We usually launch collections every three to four months and ensure that we stick to customised pieces.” explains Padmini. For Kavya however, everything has been a learning experience off the shelf.

“Though I have been shadowing my mom when she makes the patterns and styling, some sort of technical expertise is required to get into any field. I am currently undertaking pattern making classes and also a few tailoring lessons.”

Travelling for fabrics all over the country, Kavya says, “We pick up our fabrics from Banaras, Lucknow, Jaipur and other parts of the country. However, we owe our growth to Bengaluru because if not here we would not have had the kind of response anywhere else.”

Apart from designing and managing the company, both these women love travelling. Known to be an avid yoga buff Kavya smiles, “I love to unwind as I manage a stressful life and I am quite busy all the time. Yoga is the best for that,” while Padmini opts for travel and quality time with family.

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