5 ways to avoid exam stress

The moment students get to know that examinations are just fa couple of days away, there’s a certain level of anxiousness that rises in them. Due to exam stress, students start feeling panicky. To avoid the levels of stress, one can try out few simple steps that are listed down by stressbusting:

Make notes in advance

Before examinations arrive, it is very important to be prepared with notes, books and essays. Be familiar with the question paper format and allocation of marks for each subject accordingly.

Prepare a study timetable and follow it strictly

Making a timetable works as the best key for avoiding exam stress. Put in equal hours of studies for each subject, which will help in managing time effectively. Revising the previous days’ lessons on daily basis is mandatory.

Another technique recommended by all time management experts is taking what feels like an overwhelming task and breaking it down into manageable chunks.

Break time is essential

Psychologists suggest that we can only concentrate properly for about 45 minutes at one stretch, while neuroscientists stated that the longer one tries to focus on one thing, the less our brains are able to deal with it effectively.

Considering the above facts, taking breaks in intervals will help to stay refreshed all throughout the day.

Eat and Drink healthy

Its better to avoid processed, sugary foods like cereal, biscuits, sweets and chocolate. Pulses like chickpeas and lentils can help to keep blood sugar levels steady, avoiding energy dips.

Staying hydrated with lots of water, low-cal sodas or herbal teas will enable one to be alert. Avoid sugary drinks which can make you feel jittery and mess up your energy levels. Just in case if one is very sleepy, tea and coffee perk you up.

Relaxation is a must

Continuously studying and avoiding rest will increase the levels of stress. Sleeping for few hours will help the brain to relax and help in remembering the revised lessons.

If you feel extremely tensed, its advisable to find a calm, quiet space and try breathing deeply in and out for a few minutes. Even spending few hours on one’s hobby can work as a stress buster too.

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