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Windows XP PC maintenance to shoot up by Rs 1.19cr

Published Feb 25, 2014, 9:35 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 9:50 am IST
The annual maintenance bill for Indian firms with PCs running on Windows XP, could rise by Rs1, 190 crore
Photo-Windows XP
 Photo-Windows XP

New Delhi: As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP from April 8, the overall annual maintenance bill for Indian firms with PCs running on this operating system, especially banks and financial institutions, could shoot up to USD 192 million.

Microsoft said that its PC install base for large enterprises in India is about 4 million units, of which around 84 per cent have migrated from the Windows XP.

According to a research firm of IDC, the cost of maintaining a PC that runs on Windows XP OS after April 8, could run up to USD 300 per PC per annum, as against the present, cost of USD 75-100.

"Our customers use Windows OS to run critical processes, which help them at work and in their lives. At present about 84 per cent have stopped using this, it is important for others to move from XP as well. " said Managing Director of Microsoft India, Karan Bajwa.

Amrish Goyal, General Manager of Microsoft India, said that in order to help firms who are migrating from Windows XP, the company will provide extended support after April 8 like some level of anti-virus support for about a year.





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