Sagar reserve may have 75 tigers

Hyderabad: There is some good news in the forests. A census carried out by analysing camera trap photographs by the Wild Life Institute of India has revealed that there are 46 adult tigers in the Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger reserve. This heartening figures excludes the large Amrabad block, where the survey is yet to be done.
Together with cubs, foresters are expecting that the number of tigers in the reserve would cross 75 in the final count. Chief Wild Life Warden A.V. Joseph said the survey was yet to be completed in the Amrabad block that spreads over 1,000 square kilometres. “When it is completed we are expecting the number would go up,” he said. An extensive survey is being taken up by arranging a pair of cameras for every square kilometre in the tiger reserve.
After the killing of a tiger in the Mannanur forests last month, officials have stepped up patrolling in the reserve. “We have taken all precautionary measures to ensure that such incidents are not repeated,” said Mr. Joseph.A recent meeting of wildlife officials decided that vigil would be stepped up against poachers.

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