What are these beehive figurines?

Honeybees are beautiful little artists whom most of us don’t notice. Scientists and artists have always pondered over the intricate and symmetrical designs that these tiny insects build. Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck has been working with the industrious insects to create delicate sculptures, using porcelain figurines, shoes, sports equipment and other objects left in specially designed apiaries. As the weeks and months pass the ordinary objects are slowly transformed with the bees’ wax honeycomb.

According to Thisiscolossal, it’s almost impossible to look at final pieces without smiling in wonder, imagining the unwitting bees toiling away on a piece of art. Aganetha literally collaborates with honeybees to make these delicate and visually stunning pieces of artwork. She is fascinated by the delicate relationship that exists between nature and us. Aganetha was always interested in environmental issues, and specifically, the power of the small. She is interested in inter species communication. Her research asks questions about the ramifications that all living beings would experience should honeybees disappear from the earth. Aganetha is using apiary feeder boards and hive blankets to develop her new body of work. After moulding her porcelain figurines, Aganetha lets honeybees add their own artistic mark to objects after which she carves the wax down, letting us see the true connection between humans and honeybees.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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