Now, a temple for Narendra Modi

People recite Modi Chalisa at the NaMo temple, the first for a living leader in UP.

Lucknow: BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi may or may not enter Parliament as leader of the House but he has definitely entered the hearts of the people in Uttar Pradesh.
In Kaushambhi district, the ‘Modi mania’ has reached such proportions that a local Shiva temple in Bhagwanpur village has been converted into a Modi temple.

A Modi statue in a sitting posture has been placed inside an ancient Shiva temple which is now called the NaMo temple. A Modi Chalisa has also been penned in praise of the Gujarat Chief Minister.
This is the first temple of a living leader in Uttar Pradesh.

Pandit Brijendra Narain Misra, 49, the chief priest of the temple, says that worshipping Modi will lead the country to a better future. Interestingly, the priest also dresses like Modi in a half-sleeved kurta and half-jacket and has styled his hair and beard like the BJP leader.

“Devotees come here daily and offer daily prayers to the deity ‘Swami Narendra Modi’ and also recite the ‘Modi Chalisa’. We have lighted a lamp before the deity and this will remain lit continuously for the next 125 days,” he says.

The NaMo temple is fast becoming popular among the masses. The villagers believe that since the Modi statue is placed near the Shiva Ling, Lord Shiva will bless Mr Modi with a long and healthy life.
The devotees also recite the ‘Mahamritun-jaya mantra’ regularly for the well being of the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate.

( Source : dc )
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