Kiran, ministers to write to President for another extension on Telangana deadline

CM, Seemandhra mantris decide to write to Prez for another extension to return their opinion.

Hyderbad: Countering the strategy of Telangana ministers who stalled the Assembly proceedings, Seemandhra ministers had a meeting with Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy on Monday and decided to write a letter to the President requesting him a further extension of the deadline to return their opinion on the Telangana Bill.

It was also decided that pressure would be brought on members of the House to opt for a resolution rejecting the Telangana Bill and voting on it.
The letter was signed by Kiran Kumar Reddy, PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana and other ministers and MLAs, according to sources.
In the letter they explained that about 150 members are yet to express their views on the Telangana Bill in the Assembly. Members have submitted more than 9,000 amendments to the Bill. To complete the debate and vote on the amendments it will require some more time. They did not mention how much more time they are seeking.
Telangana ministers are surprised at the decision of Seemandhra ministers to request an extension of the deadline. They said that when the Chief Minister gave a notice to the Speaker seeking to move a resolution on rejecting the Bill, how can he now ask for an extension?
CM cleared Botsa's doubt: When the issue of the notice given by the Chief Minister came up for discussion, the PCC president had some reservations, according to sources. He said that when the pro-Seemandra ministers have demanded a debate on the Telangana Bill how can they ask in the resolution that the Bill be returned.
The Chief Minister clarified that they are not demanding that the Telangana Bill be returned; the resolution has asked for the Bill to be rejected and requested the President not to send the Bill to Parliament.
The Chief Minister then read out the resolution and gave it to Satyanarayana to read. After the meeting, Satyanarayana told the media that the Chief Minister has every right to move a resolution at any time in the House. If the Telangana ministers have any objections, they can give it in writing to the Speaker or raise it in the House.
The PCC chief said that the resolution will not demand that the Bill should be returned but only that they are opposing it.
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