Wedding music blares

Published Jan 27, 2014, 2:43 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 8:07 am IST

Hyderabad: People accompanying wedding processions beat drums during permissible hours without realising that their enjoyment is in fact a nuisance for others.

While not much can be done if the procession is during permissible hours, citizens can complain on the number 100 if it continues after 10 pm and can also question the party whether police permission has been sought for the occasion.

Rohan Reddy, a resident of Annapurna Colony, Radhika-ECIL said, “There are more than 80 independent houses in the colony and two function halls. For eight to 10 days every month, we have to bear with long hours of processions that also affect the free flow of traffic within the colony.

The baraat that starts at 8 pm ends only at around 2 am and the noise is worse late in the night. Since it is a small colony, all the 80 houses are affected. Apart from these processions, the DJ set-up is also a pest at the function halls.”

Sujitha Krishnan, a resident of Lake Banjara Colony in Banjara Hills, said, “The Lake Banjara function hall is engaged most of the time with events. For weddings, the baraat starts right from the main road opposite Care Banjara Hospital.

The road is packed; bikes are parked along the entire stretch. The procession takes so long to move ahead and, at home, we have to literally shout and talk. It is worst during the wedding season. Even the Banjara function hall on the main road is an issue.”

Though the law states that beating of drums is prohibited near hospitals, a wedding procession disturbs the patients of Sigma Hospital on Sarojini Road every second day; it is the same story at every health care centre. The violators are only fined a minimum of Rs 500 to Rs 1,500 for exceeding the permit hours.

B. Manohar, ACP, Begumpet, says, “For any wedding procession, it is a must to seek police permission. Anyone violating the norms will face legal action as per the Hyderabad Town Nuisance Act. Since it is a non-cognizable offence, violators won’t face jail but will be heavily fined.”

Meanwhile, several citizens feel that the government should modify this Act and enhance the punishments. “The violator should be fined as well as face imprisonment. Just making them pay fines won’t put an end to this nuisance, and DJ permission should not be given,” added Ashok Verma, a resident of Chilkalgudda. 

Location: Andhra Pradesh


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