'Mein Nahin Hum' slogan used by our councillor in 2010: Congress

Published Jan 26, 2014, 3:29 am IST
Updated Jan 20, 2016, 3:22 pm IST
Cong shows a video clip claiming that the slogan was used by a Cong councillor long ago.

New Delhi: Hitting back at the BJP over its allegation that the ruling party 'copied' Narendra Modi's ad blitz at a BJP convention in 2011, Congress came out with a video clip on Saturday claiming that the slogan 'Mein Nahin Hum' was used by a Congress councillor of Indore long ago.

"We are showing a mirror to the BJP, who were calling us copy cat over the advertisement that we released on Friday. No particular word can be the monopoly of anybody," party spokesperson Shobha Oza said.


"Much before BJP or Narendra Modi used this phrase 'Mein Nahin Hum', a Congress councillor in Indore had put this in a poster during a mushaiara. So BJP's contention that Congress copied its slogan does not hold any water. The idea was already with Congress," she said.

She also showed a video clip of the event held in Indore on November 30, 2010.

Her remarks came a day after the Opposition went hammer and tongs against Congress advertisement with Rahul Gandhi at the centrestage of the campaign 'Mein Nahi, Hum' (Not I, we) which appeared in the newspapers.

Accusing Congress of plagiarism, the BJP had alleged that the party 'copied' Modi's slogan on Friday.

Oza, however, claimed that Congress always believed in the principle of us and not me (Mein Nahin Hum) "unlike Modi, who is all for me, my and myself".

She said Congress being a more than 125 years old organisation does not need to borrow ideas from some other party