Gravity lamps may edge out solar ones

Innovation of gravity lamps aims to provide affordable light, anytime: Expert
Kozhikode: The age of solar lamps may soon be over. In their place, gravity lamps are coming and their commercial production will begin in Kerala soon. Gravity light is designed by a UK firm, Deciwatt, as a replacement for kerosene lamps.
Thiruvananthapuram- based ‘Innovation eXperience,’ a social innovation venture, is the research and development partner of the firm in India. The gravity lamp uses a bag filled with rocks or sand, attached to a cord, which slowly descends to power an LED light using a dynamo. This process powers the light for up to 30 minutes depending on the weight.
“We want this project to be carried out by the engineering students to produce better models at low cost. The full-fledged gravity lights would definitely be a boon for 300 million Indian families deprived of power connection,” said Innovation eXperience Technical Director Shyam Kumar S.
The project has a trial run in the tribal hamlets of Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. The trial included pre- and post-distribution questionnaires and a follow-up study of 2-3 weeks after the distribution.
“Deciwatt is also in touch with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to launch this project on a larger scale in India,” Shyam Kumar added.
The gravity light will be further developed and distributed across the state with the funding of Kerala Financial Corporation. The project will be officially launched at a function in Kozhikode on Wednesday, said KFC General Manager R. Premnath.
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