Turn your palm into a user interface now

Rohildev develops a 'smartring' that enables the palm to work as the user interface.

Kochi: Ever thought of your palm working as the interface of a smartphone? Well, this has been made possible by a student start-up in Kochi and this technology is promising to be the next revolution in wearable technology.

Fin, a smartring developed by RHL Vision that you can wear on your thumb, has been attracting many technophiles with the sheer simplicity of its concept and its ease of use.

Brainchild of 23-year-old Rohildev N., RHL Vision has recently become the first startup from Kerala to seek crowdfunding.
“The prototype of the ring has been successfully tested.

One just needs to download an app to make it work. The app will work on both iPhone and Android-based smartphones,” Rohildev explains. Fin can transmit natural gestures as commands to any connected Bluetooth device.

For instance, a person driving a car can use Fin as their key, or take phone calls or control the music player without taking their hands off the steering wheel; a smartphone user can rub their index finger against the thumb to zoom their screens in and out and they can assign numbers to different sections of their fingers.

The young entrepreneur expects to ship the first consignment of 1,500 Fins to the US by September this year. Fin was also one among the top 15 companies at the TechCrunch CES Hardware Battlefield in Las Vegas couple of weeks ago.

Describing his passion for robotics, Rohildev reveals that it all started while he studying in a government school in a village near Malappuram.

“Ever since my childhood, I always wondered about the possibilities of the interaction between a man and a machine and had dreamt a lot about robots,” he says, adding that this computer teacher in eighth standard was his inspiration. She opened a world of unending possibilities (in robotics) before him.

The following years too saw the passionate engineering student trying to simplify machines for human beings. During his third year of BE Computer Science co-urse, he decided to pursue a future in robotics.

Having developed an interest in robotics, Rohildev attended a talk at the Startup Village in Kochi in early 2012 which gave him the courage to reveal his idea.

With people at the Start-up Village encouraging him to launch a start-up at that very moment. He grabbed the opportunity when it knocked his door. And, that was when Robotic Human Logic (RHL) Vision, was born with Rohildev as the founder, CEO and the sole employee of the company.

The first thing he developed was a touch-free smartphone game.

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