Agni-4 clears test, ready for induction

Agni-4, the third consecutive successful test launch, is now fit for mass, serial production.

Hyderabad: The DRDO has successfully test fired the 4,000 km Agni-4 missile on Monday. The missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons is now ready for induction.

Agni-4 was launched at 10.52 am from the Wheeler Island off Odisha. The missile rose to over 850 km, covering the intended range in about 20 minutes, and hit the target with a two-digit accuracy.

DRDO director Avinash Chaddar said the missile met all mission objectives and was now ready for serial production.

Agni-4 is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, 5th generation on-board computer and distributed architecture. DRDO director Ravi Kumar Gupta said, “This was the third consecutive successful trial and the last test launch.

The missile, propelled by composite solid fuel, was launched from its road mobile launcher indigenously developed by DRDO. Long-range radar and electro optical tracking systems located along the coast monitored parameters throughout the flight. Two ships located near the target tracked the vehicle and recorded the event.”

Chaddar said, “Today’s launch takes India’s preparedness to greater heights. We recently had the second launch of Agni-5, received operational clearance for Tejas LCA, achieved criticality of nuclear submarine Arihant’s reactor, completed development phase of the underwater launched missile BO5 and developed the Mark 11 version of the Arjun main battle tank.”

Agni 4 has the latest features to correct and guide itself for inflight disturbances. Its ring laser gyro-based internal navigation system and micro navigation system provides accuracy.

“Agni 1,2,3 and Prithvi are already in the arsenal of the armed forces, giving them a reach of 3000 km. Now Agni 4 is ready for induction,” said Ravi Kumar Gupta.

Project director of Agni-4, Tessy Thomas, led the team of scientists during the operation.

( Source : dc )
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