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Censors decline ‘U’ certification for Maayai

Deccan Chronicle| anupama subramanian

Published on: November 14, 2013 | Updated on: Invalid date

They say it has a terrifying theme and many fear-inducing scenes.

Tamil cinema is going through a new phase. With each day, a debutant is coming out with a unique theme which doesn’t really require a star presence in it. 'Maayai', a romantic thriller, is one such flick which has Sanjay, who is a few films old in the lead. With him is Sanam, a Mumbai-based debutante. Directed by J.R. Kannan, the film is about the perils of one-sided love. Reportedly, after watching the film, the Censor Board declined to award U certification as they contended that 'Maayai' has a terrifying theme and many fear-inducing scenes. After giving it a few cuts, they gave it a U/A certificate.

J.R.Kannan has also acted as a parallel hero. "Naan Kadavul Rajendran has given an extraordinary performance which is a major plus to the film," says the director. The movie is slated for a November 22 release. 

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