Monster kites take to skies over Belgaum

Talented kite flyers from across the country took part.

Belgaum: Inflated balloons, heart shaped kites, and some mammoth creations took to the skies as kite flyers from around the country and abroad competed in the fourth edition of the Belgaum International Kite Festival that took off at Savgaon, on the city’s outskirts here on Saturday.

Seven teams from different nations flew some kites that were so big that it took at least four or five persons to handle them. “We are flying inflated balloon kites which look extremely att­ractive when in the sky. Such kites are flown at ma­ny international kite ev­en­ts. We also have smaller he­art shaped kites and others in different shapes for children,” said Johan Van Eeckhout and his team mate, Vinita Vij.

The teams from Sin­ga­pore, Malaysia, Belgium, Russia and Germany have specialist kite flyers des­ig­ning kites on the spot and flying them with the help of assistants. They reveal, they intend to fly special kites over the skies of Belgaum on Saturday and Sunday nights. “The success of night kite flying de­pe­nds on the wind in Sa­v­g­aon. So far it has been ste­a­dy and the kites are flying at the expected level,” they said.

Talented teams of kite flyers from 27 cities of the country are also showcasing their skills at the event, where over 10,000 kites will be distributed to children, women and youth on Jan­ua­ry 21 and 22, according to or­g­aniser of the festival and former Belgaum MLA, Abhay Patil.

Among the kite flyers was Ujal Shah, chairman and MD of Ahmedabad Kite Foundation, who has been working on a thesis on the art of kite flying with the help of the Japan Fou­nd­ation University of Japan.

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