Hyderabad Queer Carnival ends on gay note

Published Jan 19, 2014, 12:58 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 7:03 am IST
Parents, relatives cheer their loved ones.

Hyderabad: Colour, culture, music, theatre, films and much zeal marked the first edition of the Hyderabad Queer Carnival. What was originally conceived as a protest against the Supreme Court’s verdict criminalising gay rights in the country, eventually turned into a celebration of LGBT rights.

Also, several parents and relatives turned up in huge numbers to cheer loved ones. A mother, who had come to watch her son read out a monologue, expressed both happiness and acceptance.


“He and many more like him are all good human beings and nothing can change that about them. I should learn to accept and protect my child first and then expect the law to protect him. Because, his personal choice is his decision,” she said.

Organised by the Hyderabad Queer Campus, the day-long carnival recorded over 500 in attendance. Decked in the rainbow-coloured flag symbolising gay rights, the venue, Lamakaan, was absolutely buzzing with activity.

“Something like this was essential for the whole community to come together and be vocal about our opposition to the verdict. But this has also created a space for discussion as members of the community do not feel threatened anymore,” said Abhi, one of the founders of the Hyderabad Queer Campus.

Many other city LGBT groups, including Pratibimb, Darpan, Wajood and Suraksha extended support. “This carnival shows how the community is sending a strong message to the government that the identity of our community cannot be dissolved so soon,” said a member.

Location: Andhra Pradesh