Pakistani authorities block access to purported sex video of actor Meera

Published Jan 11, 2014, 8:57 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 5:53 am IST

Lahore: Pakistani authorities have blocked access to an Internet sex video purportedly featuring actor Meera and her husband even as the performer on Friday said the footage was 'fake'. 

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority cut off access to the video following a request from Meera, who has appeared in two Indian films.

The brief video purportedly features Meera and Navid Shahzad, an airline pilot of Pakistani origin settled in the US. It was uploaded by unidentified persons to several websites over the past few days.

As the video went viral, Meera said in a statement issued to the media that she was not the woman seen in the footage.

"It is a fake video as the girl in it has put on a 'Meera's face mask'. The video should be sent to the US for forensic tests as Pakistan has no such facility," she said.

After a cleric petitioned the Lahore High Court to punish Meera and Shahzad under the draconian Hudood Ordinance for having a physical relationship outside marriage, Meera clarified she had married Shahzad last year. She said that even if anyone believed the video was genuine, "then for their information we haven't done any sin".

Shahzad, who was in the news several months ago for reportedly breaking up with Meera, too claimed he is her 'legal husband'.

"Nobody should have objection to our relations," said Shahzad, whose marriage proposal was accepted by Meera and her family in early 2012.

Asked by reporters why she had not joined her husband in the US, Meera clarified that her 'rukhsati', the ceremony marking the bride's departure for the groom's home, would be held in 2015.



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