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Twitter Review: Vijay - Mohanlal starrer 'Jilla'

Published Jan 11, 2014, 3:58 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 5:41 am IST
Here's what fans are saying about 'Jilla' on Twitter

Here's what fans are saying about 'Jilla' on Twitter:

Mama Miyan ?@mamaNmiyan
#JILLA is otherwise the average Vijay fare aimed at the mass, but his combination with Lal makes it worth a look.


unnikrishnan r ?@unnipbvr
#jilla very typical masala movie.. May be fans will like, @Mohanlal has got v good screen space.. Thats the only +ve for me..

Mama Miyan ?@mamaNmiyan
If you need a reason to watch #JILLA, then it is @Mohanlal in a badass avatar! Owns the screen every time he shows up!-

ahamed sha ?@ahamedsha
#Jilla movie s average. first half comedy n second half too lengthy disappointing. 2/5

¥SuResH¥ ?@iam__stubborn
Jilla -> Its hightime that vijay should stop giving chances to new comers ...Nowdays vijay choosing the script rite but dir let down him ..


Msd VJ ?@bilalorg7
#jilla vijay: comedy,dance,song,romance,action =first half...2nd half- real pokkiri returns,serious,drama,acting,fights,(entertaining king)

elkay ?@elkay14
interval lal and #vj rocks ,2 much whistlin and claps thru out #jilla just jampackd ,cinema here v.strict ,smartphones can getconfiscatd

GokulaKrishnan ?@iam_Gokul
Jilla could have been better! Okayish movie! Din like editing and cinematography!
Sharon SL ?@Sharescolini
Jilla is one example that Expectations just make you fall harder.
Yadavaram ?@yadavaram
Jilla a good family entertainment,Mohan lal performance really awesome
Jilla Pongal Arrives ?@VijayFanatic1
#Jilla : Mass commercial entertainer :) Worth a watch..
Jilla paisa vasool entertainment it's vijay,cudn fig out anyone else,commercially big hit for sure.

#Jilla-1.5/5,run of the mill commercial film.Nesan failed big time in using Vijay and Mohanlal's star value,disappointing attempt!


#jilla Director nesan missed a big opportunity.. direction and screenplay are strictly average. Nothing new in the film.

#Jilla Plus: Vijay & Mohanlal's screen presence, Terrific BGM & Choreo. Minus: Lengthy, Editing & Excessive actions. Worth a watch! 3/5

Reports from overseas.. #Jilla & #Veeram better than #WolfOfWallStreet ..! #Kudos :)

One more time going to watch in #jilla. Ha..ha...ha.. #iam_very_happy...

interval creates mor hype for jilla..... perfrct intermission block


#Jilla 2nd half la konja scenes cut panni irukkalam other wise padam supero super fully Commercial entertainer

First half over. Except for first 20 mins and interval scene, movie falls flat. Comedy s big let down . Songs aren't gud visually. #Jilla