At Tavarekere Park, it’s miscreants who rule

Apart from poor enforcement, the park is badly maintained and workers are rarely sighted.

Bangalore: From outside the BBMP-maintained Tavarekere Park looks just like any oth­er park dotting the garden city, but a closer look tells a different story.

When Deccan Chronicle visited the park, beer cans and cigarette butts were strewn all over. Moreover, the nearby residents complained that some youths were even smoking weed inside the park premises, after closing hours.

Near the entrance there is a big hoarding that lists the dos and don'ts to be followed inside the park, but most of them are blatantly violated.

The hoarding states that consumption of alcohol and smoking on the park premises is prohibited, but the widespread presence of used beer cans and cigarette packets reveal they are being contemptuously brea­ched.

Similarly playing inside the park is also prohibited, but boys from Bismillah Nagar use it to play cricket.

Littering the park with waste and plastic bags is the order of the day.

Apart from poor enforcement of rules, the park is also badly maintained and civic workers are rarely sighted.

This reporter visited the park for five consecutive days and on all these days the scenario was same. The beer cans and cigarette packets were seen lying in the same position.

Moreover some parts of the park welcomes the visitors with an obnoxious smell emanating from the nearby drain and the smoked up weed. “We hardly see any civic employees cleaning the park, may be once in a week they clean it. There are chips packets, beer cans, garbage, plastics thrown by people every day,” said Leena Parvathy, a nearby resident.

Voicing a different concern is Sujith Appaiah, a regular park visitor said, “The security guard is hand in glove with the miscreants.

“They bribe the security guard and use this park for their entertainment.” When the reporter tired to get inside the park at 11 am, the security guard said, “Ma­dam, do not go inside now, the­re are some boys inside and they are not good.”

When Deccan Chronicle contacted the BBMP chairman of horticulture standing committee he pleaded ign­orance and said, “Please con­tact the south zone office to enquire about that particular park.”

The play area for children is in a pathetic condition wit­h swings and other equipme­nt either being non-existent or broken.

“The aut­horities have not bothered to restore the play equipment for years now,” said Sharath G, a S G Palya resident.

This park was also touted to be an example for rain water harvesting (RWH). Though even today the RWH ho­a­rdings are in place, it ha­rdly serves any purpose. Ot­h­er glitches include stone sla­bs lying haphazardly and dry bore wells.

( Source : dc )
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