Hyderabad's mysterious 'gang rape'

Mystery surrounds the case of a model who claims she was drugged, raped on Dec 31.

Hyderabad: The shocking rape case of a Mumbai-based model, who was allegedly gang raped in Hyderabad on the night of December 31, is now being officially transferred to city police for further investigation.

The model, who registered her case at Mumbai’s Versova police station, has claimed that she was invited to Hyderabad to 'perform' for a 'night dance show' for a fee of Rs 1 lakh, but was soon drugged and raped by four men, who, after committing the crimes, are believed to have bundled the injured victim onto a Mumbai-bound tourist bus.

The mystery has deepened as the model claimed she only woke up in Mumbai, two days later, wearing “clothes inside out and with a ticket in a coat pocket that didn’t belong to her”.

Drink likely spiked

According to the 26-year-old model’s statement, she was booked for a dance show on the night of December 31 in Hyderabad.

She was even sent a flight ticket and she reached Hyderabad in the afternoon of the same day. The four individuals, who then picked her up took her to a nearby hotel and offered her a cool drink. She was then told to get ready for a “10pm show”.

The police believes the drink may have been laced with sedatives.

The model added that the four men then used her ATM card to withdraw nearly Rs 50,000 from her bank account and then packed her off to Mumbai on a bus.

She told the police that she regained full consciousness only after reaching Borivali in Mumbai, which was the bus’ final stop, on January 2.

After recording her statement on Tuesday night, Versova police sent her for a medical examination at the Cooper Hospital in the city on Wednesday afternoon.

“We are in the process of registering the FIR, after which the case will be transferred to Hyderabad where the alleged crime took place,” senior police inspector of Versova police station, Harishchandra Parmale told DC.

Other reports indicate that one “Ismail Shaikh” from Hyderabad is a person of interest in the case as the ticket was booked under that name.

The police is also checking on the locations from which the money was withdrawn.

Delay in case

The model maintains that despite approaching Mumbai police the very same day, officials took hours to register a complaint.

But she managed to record her statement on Tuesday night, with the help of a local NGO, Jan Shakti.

Jay Singh, from the NGO was quoted as saying: “We suspect a video of the crime is being circulated. In Hyderabad, there is huge racket of blue films and we suspect its involvement.”

( Source : dc )
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