Government committed to protecting Kannada language: Siddaramaiah

Published Jan 8, 2014, 7:13 pm IST
Updated Jan 20, 2016, 3:22 pm IST
Siddaramaiah appeals to Kodavas to drop their claim for autonomy

Mysore: Reconfirming his commitment to supporting the development of the Kannada language, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday declared the government would continue to protect  Kannada speaking people living both on the borders of the state and  outside it.

Inaugurating  the 80th Akhila Bharatha Kannada Sahithya Sammelana in Madikeri in the presence of over a  100 literary giants including sammelan president and litterateur, N. D’Souza, he said sufficient funds had been allotted for the cause of the Kannada language in the state budget and special programmes launched for its overall development.


Speaking of his love for literature, he said unlike the village fairs based on superstition, such literary fairs enriched culture and invoked a sense of togetherness and friendship that enhanced the emotional well being of a society.

“I am not a litterateur but I have been privileged to enjoy a cordial relationship with several literary figures. I am always impressed by their discussions. Soon after I became Chief Minister I did not visit Maths or temples but noted literary figures of the state. They too have always showered their love on me,” he added. 

Noting that literature had the energy to shape one’s life, he said while it had always been a source of knowledge, education and entertainment, it should also be able to provide solutions to social and economic problems.

“Litterateurs  have social responsibility. Instead of limiting themselves to criticism and leaving politicians to reform society,  they should get invo­lved in the process through their literary works,” Sid­dara­maiah suggested.

He also took the opportunity to appeal to the Kodavas to drop their claim for an autonomous status and  promised to solve their problems.

“Kodavas use Kannada as their base language for writing. I have always appreciated living in harmony. If there are any problems, let us sit down and discuss them,” he said.

Union Minister for petroleum, natural gas and environment , Veerappa Moily, was also present at the  meet, which is being attended by over  40,000 literary fans from across the state. 

‘Kannada losing out to fast-paced lifestyle’

“When Tamil Nadu is teaching medicine and technical courses in Tamil, we are still in the phase of teaching Kannada in primary school. Who should be blamed?” asked noted litterateur Dr Na. D’Souza , presiding over the 80th Akhila Bharatha Kannada Saahithya Sammelana here on Tuesday.

Contending that if “our English loving bureaucrats in Vidhana Soudha take the required steps, this is possible here too,” he deplored that the state’s FM channels were introducing new words like ‘Maga macha’ and destroying the Kannada language.

“The language is being shortened to keep pace with a faster lifestyle. Kannada is taking a back-seat as people go about chasing their livelihoods. Parents today teach  their children to call a dog a ‘doggy,’ (and not in Kannada) ,” he lamented.   

Dr D’Souza was earlier brought a procession dotted with  24 tableaux from the Gandhi maidaan.

Location: Karnataka