Uday was always fun: Allari Naresh

Published Jan 8, 2014, 3:17 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 5:19 am IST
The Tollywood star’s “volleyball gang” remember and mourn their dearest friend.

Uday Kiran had friends. Good friends. Most importantly, they were the actor’s support group — going out for dinners, cricket matches, parties and more.

They kept in touch with Uday, constantly inquiring about his career and life. They also deny reports that he was alone, broke or even depressed. Close buddies Allari Naresh, Varun Sandesh, Nani, Srikanth, Thanish, Sundeep Kishan and the “volleyball gang” maintain that the Sunday suicide has shocked them.


One of the late actor’s closest friends, Allari Naresh, says, “Uday was a fitness freak and would always exercise. He also liked outdoor games and we played volleyball, mostly at a Madhapur court.”

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“We never discussed films when we met. We all joked around and discussed things other than films,” adds Naresh.

But during these meetings, Uday never indicated that he had any problems — emotional or financial. “He would always share with us if something good happened to him, but he never told us his problems,” says Naresh.


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But Uday, after a flop was shattered. Naresh adds: “He was really hurt by what the tabloids were writing. But I often told him not to think about those stories, explaining to him the ‘price of fame’.”

Naresh also disagrees that Uday was in a financial mess. “He had a lot of offers and was financially sound. Neither was he depressed. He and his wife even enjoyed New Year’s eve at a friend’s house in Bengaluru.”

Naresh also remembers the time they celebrated Uday’s decision to get married. “When I was in Goa for a shoot, Uday told me that he was going to marry Vishitha. They exchanged rings in Goa. I called a few friends and we all celebrated there.”


“He used to say that he was settled in life and had a good wife. She is a very nice girl and always cooperated with Uday. I have often eaten at their place and both always seemed very happy and Uday always complimented her cooking,” says Naresh.

Nani’s wife and Uday Kiran’s wife are also very close. “Nani has called me from the US many times. His wife has been crying. Manoj is also abroad but he too has called me many times,” says Naresh.

Actor and friend Sivaji is also shocked at Uday’s suicide. “If you look at my career, I should have committed suicide at least 20 times. Hit and flops are common in this business. You should be stubborn and fight it out. You have to think about your parents, wife and others.”


Meanwhile, Varun Sandesh reveals why Uday was so popular with fans and friends. “He always had a smile and was never in a bad mood. We used to hang out over the weekend and he never looked sad. I just can’t believe that, that Uday Kiran is no more.”