Vijayawada fails to fund UDA city projects

UDA depends on its own revenue for salary payment and administrative expenses.

Vijayawada: The Vijayawada, Guntur, Mangalagiri and Tenali Urban Development Authority (VGTM-UDA) constituted by the state government for the development of infrastructure facilities in urban areas in Krishna and Guntur districts has no use to the people since the government is not sanctioning funds for the development works.

The UDA is depending on its own revenue for the payment of salaries and administrative expenses.

The UDA was formed in 1979 with jurisdiction area of 1,954 square kilometres and gradually expanded the area to 7,060 square km by 2012.

The UDA is collecting fee on sanction of building plans and layout charges from the realtors and site owners.

The annual income of the UDA is about Rs 15 crore, which is used for payment of salaries to the staff and meeting the administrative expenses, power charges and phone bills.

Consequently, the UDA has taken up very limited development works during the last 35 years.

Construction of flyover at the police control room, Inner Ring Road in Vijayawada, and bypass road in Guntur are some of the important projects taken up by the UDA.

Now, the UDA is preparing the master plan covering its jurisdiction limits at a cost of Rs 6.75 crore.

VGTM-UDA vice-chairman M. Rama Rao said the government is not sanctioning funds to the UDA to take up the development activities.

People’s representatives of the two districts have failed to lobby to get the funds from the state government.

( Source : dc )
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