This year was twice as nice

From the auto meter to food that costs a few rupees, 2013 was indeed a year to remember

Comeback of the auto meter

It all started as a campaign commissioned by a well-meaning citizen who was tired of being swindled by auto men. Before anyone could say ‘auto’ the petition snowballed into epic proportions and every Chennaiite was putting his/her weight behind the cause. A group of 64 auto men soon formed a commission and thus was born Namma Auto — replete with not just working meters, but printed bills, a GPS tracking system and a dial-in service. In the later half of the year, it became mandatory that every auto dust it’s meter, and get it working again. Now, haggling is a thing of the past, although some are still hemming and hawing about the meter system. However, the comeback of the auto meter was perhaps the most significant highs of 2013.

Amma Unavagam

Catering to one of the basic human need — food for all, Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa started off the Amma Unavagam, a canteen service that employed women to serve breakfast and lunch to every Chennaiite, at a nominal cost. An idli at Amma Unavagam costs merely a rupee, and a plate of sambar rice Rs 15. With these canteens propping up at every street corner, it is even more convenient for everyone, from a daily wage labourer to an office-goer on the move, to grab a quick bite. Another interesting concept introduced a few months after the Unavagam, was a grocery store that supplied veggies and daily provisions at nominal rates — much lesser than even wholesale.

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