My city, my dreams

Six very different people come together to discuss what they wish for the city of Hyderabad in 2014

Social change

Healthier and smater city

I would like to see better Anganwadi centers across Hyderabad so that the rate of malnutrition can be brought down and we can have healthier and smarter Hyderabadi children. After all, children are the future of the country.

I would also like my city to have more world-class sports centres so our budding badminton, tennis, cricket and hockey players get an opportunity to train better and make it more often to the Olympics. I also expect better roads in Hyderabad.

In 2014, given the recent political developments, I believe Hyderabadis will elect a strong and visionary government that will make our city an economic hub.

Ridhima Parvathaneni, founder of Indian Impact


‘Son stroke’ & a new dawn

In the coming months, I hope to see movies made with smaller budgets. This trend has already begun with movies like Venkatadri Express and Uyyala Jampala. This will be further fuelled by technology. This will benefit the young and the experimental. Take for instance, the viral factor of a movie like Viva, made by a bunch of engineering students with absolutely no budget. Social media will also bring down the budget for marketing. All you need is a good viral trailer. Also, we’ve had a case of ‘son stroke’ this year with many ‘relatives’ starting movie careers. I wish to see many new faces in my Tollywood, proving the “mass effect and formula films theories” are just myths.

K2K Subbu Peteti, movie ghostwriter

Seniors Speak

‘As citizens, we need to give back more’

It’s not about what the city gives us, it’s our responsibility to make the city a better place to live in.

We should try and prevent the cutting of trees and avoid sound pollution. If we are accountable for our city, it will give us back 20 times more.

That is why my dream for the next year is that as citizens we become more aware and responsible.

Kamakshi Hatti, President, Senior Citizens Forum of Secunderabad.

Fair Point

'Safety first for women’

There are many women entrepreneurs in Hyder-abad, doing great work. Only, they haven’t got the right visibility. In 2014, we should be working towards that.

But first, our aim should be to empower women with knowledge, opportunities and the right skills.Every woman should learn the skill of how to ensure her safety. Only then can she freely think of doing other things.

Jyotsna Angara, Chairperson of FICCI Ladies Organisation

Youth Speak

Give a chance to journalism

The younger sister of tennis ace, Sania Mirza says, “I want students to study journalism and become better journalists. And, I wish Arts subjects like journalism was given more value.”

Anam Mirza, Founder of


‘Let’s have area pride’

As the Metro Rail finds its way into the city, densification zones will increase i.e. the density of people staying at a particular area is going to increase. As a result, within 500-700 metres of the Metro Rail, there are going to be more malls and residential areas. Many are also predicting property values to go up.

But as a cityscape planner, in 2014, I want a sense of neighbourhood to emerge in this city. Hyderabad was known for its particular areas and the pride people took in living there. But over the last 20-30 years, that seems to have vanished. People don’t identify themselves with their surroundings any more.

Anant Maringanti, Hyderabad Urban Labs

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