‘Center’ of attention

Handling a gamut of performing arts has been on top of the agenda for this young woman

Know her
he first thing that will strike you about this doe-eyed damsel is her flair for the dramatic. One of the first four members to start Centerstage, this 22-year-old has climbed up the ladder to be the executive producer. She is now in the heart of all the action. “I don’t work with the team. The team doesn’t work without me,” she jokes.

The year that was
Pooja joined Centerstage in 2009, when Saad Khan, Maaz Khan and Siddhanth were the only people running the show. In 2013, she took care of The Improv, acting workshops, film productions and went from being a learner to a teacher. Her mantra is to ‘never say no to anything.’

The year that is going to be
“Everything is just spiralling upwards!” she exclaims. In 2014, Pooja is travelling to France, with the hope of taking Centerstage to an international platform. She is looking forward to more Improv shows. “It’s so much fun working because we’re always laughing while at it! We’re like a small family that works, laughs, eat, starves and travels together,” she smiles.

The High

With a dream to be in the performing arts, this multi-talented girl had penned down two film scripts when in school — Pelican and Dancing in the Shifting Sands. She executed both the films this year.

The low
“There have been no lows! Everything absolutely picked up from all angles. Nothing could have gone wrong. Maybe 2012 had a few glitches, but this year was very smooth.”

Super number 9
“I’ve always been fascinated with the number 9. I heard of Centerstage in 2009. I joined them on Feb 9,” she says. Come to think of it, her birthday falls on the same day as World Theatre Day – March 27, and 2+7 is…

— as told to Swathi Chatrapathy

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