A year full of lights, camera, action!

Published Dec 31, 2013, 6:12 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 3:53 am IST

In possession of a bustling attractiveness, with an elegance born of youth and a newfound confidence in the spirit of hobnobbing, Hansika has delivered in shot after shot in 2013. The year has comprised an impressive array of flicks, including Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru, Singham 2 and Biryani. 

Her determination is admirable. She has shed oodles of weight, adding favourably to her buoyant roles. Sure, no one is without their shortcomings, and a minor fling with a co-actor threatened to make her a media sensation for all the wrong reasons. But innate passions have a way of getting the better of outside superficialities, and before long, new contracts for bigger and more dynamic films had arrived. She whizzed past her many  competitors, making a place for herself in Kollywood.

Having started her career with television first and worked with a serial called Shaka Laka Boom Boom, and shifting to films, like Koi Mil Gaya, the bubbly girl has come a long way. And the year 2013 has been hectic with back-to-back shooting schedules in Tamil and Telugu. Being the lucky charm of filmmakers, things look bright for her in the coming year as well. She has nine movies in her kitty and the ravishing beauty says, “It’s been a year of action.”

Quiz her about the highs and lows throughout the year, Hansika smiles, “In terms of career, the year has been great. I signed  some good projects, including Aranmanai with Sundar C, which is a supernatural psychological thriller and Maan Karate. You will see a different dimension of me in Aranmanai.” Apparently, she does not have a pair and is said to play ‘God’s Child’ — a role which will prove her acting credentials.

In Maan Karate, she is doing a bit of action too. Hansika rides as many as five bikes for a song in MK, namely a beach rescue bike, American bike, a bike with a sidecar, a tall bike and another 500 cc Bullet. On her bike riding experiences, she says, “I had great fun while the shoot was on and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.”

She has had good responses to her releases so far. “It’s been a happy year and I guess it was all possible because of my fans and support from everyone,” she says. Hansika, we hear, has the greatest number of fans in Japan, after Superstar Rajinikanth, of course. “When we were shooting for Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru in Japan, a local  woman came running up to me and showed me her collection of my films on DVD. She said she was a big fan! I was speechless. It was heartwarming to see that I have fans there too,” she adds.

In terms of the lows in her personal life, Hansika courted controversy thanks to an alleged relationship and subsequent break up with an actor. However, she came out of it with her head held high, her focus firmly set on work, signing more films with meaningful roles. Ever the diplomat, she says, “Well, I have been on a high only because I have been working 24x7 and not really seen any real lows.  I can only complain of not getting enough sleep,” she laughs.

Hansika, who has been literally living out of suitcases, finally took some much-needed time off, to the United States to spend time with her friends from school who are studying there currently. “Though I enjoy working continuously, every year I make it a point to visit my close friends from childhood in New York and spend quality time with them. So, I am celebrating New Year’s at NY. I have had a rollercoaster year. It will be a sober but joyful day of celebration,” she says.

On her New Year resolutions, she asserts, “Honestly, I don’t believe in resolutions because I believe if I have to change something in my life I can do it that moment and not wait for the year to start.” The OKOK girl is optimistic about 2014. “Yes, it’s going to be bigger and better for me. I see myself a cheerful person in 2014. It will be full of lights, camera and action.”  The moment you ask her about her success mantra, she laughs out loud. “Oh! I wish I knew the mantra to success,” she giggles, adding, “It’s just hard work and I believe in myself. Be strong, be level-headed, have faith in yourself which will lead you to success. The most important thing is to respect your parents.” 


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