Steep hike in FIRs in district, says SP

Published Dec 30, 2013, 1:41 pm IST
Updated Mar 19, 2019, 3:33 am IST
10,415 FIRs are registered in the Nellore district during 2013 as against 8,857 during 2012.

Nellore: There was a steep increase in the number of cases booked in SPSR Nellore district during 2013. As many as 10,415 FIRs have been registered in the district during 2013 as against 8,857 during 2012.

According to superintendent of police P.V.S. Ramakrishna, 7013 cases have been reported under different heads of crime as against 6,410 cases during last year.


The crime reported this year shows about nine percent increase when compared to 2012. Serious crimes like dacoity, murder, fatal road accidents are considerably on the decrease when compared to last year. For instance four dacoity cases have been reported this year as against 5 in 2012.

Housebreak cases during day came down to 41 from 44 last year, murder cases to 86 from 91, counterfeit currency three this year as against five last year. Fatal accidents also came down to 441 this year from 487 last year.

Increase in property crime has been noticed under the heads, murder for gain, night burglaries and thefts. Even though there is increase in cases of murder for gain, the offenders involved in these cases are not professionals, the SP claimed.


He added that increase in total volume of crime had no impact on the law and order. He attributed the overall increase of cases especially night burglaries and thefts to free registration of all property offences. Referring to spate of copper wire thefts, he said that they have nabbed a gang involved in 72 thefts in October 2013.

“There is increase in white collar crimes due to money circulation schemes, unauthorised chits, double registration of house sites/lands. Police have successfully arrested about 550 potential offenders during this year recovering Rs 6.36 crore of stolen property out of Rs 10.36 crore lost during this year,” the SP said.


As part of detection of crimes, police opened sheets against 738 criminals.

The total volume of crime against women is almost on par with that of last year and the increase is confined to molestation and there are no dowry murder incidents this year.

Police have seized Rs 3.40 crore worth of red sanders and arrested 74 accused in 53 cases during 2013.

Location: Andhra Pradesh